research and CV

A pdf copy of my full CV is available here.


2020. Empires of Vice: The Rise of Opium Prohibition across Southeast Asia. Princeton University Press

Under contract. Colonial Legacies and Japan’s Wartime Empire. Cambridge University Press (CUP-Elements Series on Politics and Society in Southeast Asia)


Published Articles and Book Chapters

“Taming Abundance: Doing Digital Archival Research (as Political Scientists)” PS: Political Science and Politics. Accepted. 

2021. “The Seduction of Comparisons: Untouchability beyond Caste in Africa, Asia, and the Middle EastPOMEPS Studies, 44. 

2019. “The Periphery’s Order: Opium and Moral Wreckage in British Burma” pp. 108-127 in Empire and the Social Sciences: Global Histories of Knowledge, ed. Jeremy Adelman. (Bloomsbury UK, 2019)

2018. “A ‘Surreptitious Introduction’: Opium Smuggling and Colonial State Formation in Late 19th Century Bengal and Burma” pp. 233-252 in The Legitimacy of Power: New Perspectives on the History of Political Economy, eds. Sophus Reinert and Robert Fredona (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

2015. “Standoffish States: Nonliterate Leviathans in Southeast Asia” (with Dan Slater) Trans-Regional and National Studies of Southeast Asia, 3(1), pp. 1-20

2012.The Story of the Tattooed Lady: Scandal and the Colonial State in British Burma” Law and Social Inquiry, 37(2), pp. 969-990.


Works in Progress:

Their Worlds: The Transnational Politics and History of Untouchability (Book manuscript in progress)

“Smuggling and Border Enforcement” (with Yuhki Tajima)

“The Politics of Untouchability” Under review 

“The ‘Evil Spectators’: Opium and Empire’s Stakeholders in 20th Century Southeast Asia” Under review

“The Ones Who Disappeared: War, Empire, and Untouchability in Korea” Working Paper


Selected Other Publications:

2020. “From Vice to Crime” Aeon Magazine. 

2020. “The Sticky Problem of Opium Revenue” BiblioAsia – Singapore National Library Board, 17 (Oct-Dec)

2017. “Navigating Multiple Archives across Southeast Asia: Three Questions I Wish I Had Known to Ask” APSA-Comparative Democratization, 15(3): 16-20.