digital projects

I co-curate the Invisible Histories project(with Franziska Exeler), a digital platform for researchers to share photographs in context and explore the hidden narratives behind them.


Every month, we bring together contributors across the humanities and social sciences who are developing new ways of thinking about the aesthetic, economic, moral, and political questions that arise at the crossroads of photography and history, as well as the potentials of digital story-telling and image-guided scholarship. This month’s caption essay is by Paasha Mahdavi, a political scientist at University of California, Santa Barbara that illustrates the face of power, drawing from his new book Power Grab: Political Survival through Extractive Resource Mobilization.  This month’s photo essay is by Franziska Exeler, a historian of Central and Eastern Europe at Free University Berlin/Cambridge University on the Dostoevsky Metro Station.

Invisible Histories is supported by the Joint Center for History of Economics at Harvard University and the University of Cambridge.