Past Talks


April 29-30 “Opium, War and the Selective State: Legibility and Legitimacy in Southeast Asia’s Colonial Authoritarian Regimes” (with Dan Slater) atYale University (New Haven CT) for Workshop on “Imperial Encounters: National, Ethnic, and Religious Conflict and Cooperation in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies”

April 1  “Opium and the Regulation of Vice: British Burma, 1870-1900” at  Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference (Seattle WA) for Panel “For love, money or drugs: policing illicit activities in colonial Southeast Asia”

February 13  “The King Who Could Not Die: Suzerainty, Indirect Rule, and 20th Century Imperialism”,  InterAsia Initiative, Yale University (New Haven CT) for Workshop on “Less than a State, More than a Colony: Protectorates and Semicolonialisms in Comparison”


November 19  “Burma’s Transitions in Historical Perspective: A Roundtable” (with Sunil Amrith, Charles Carstens, Amartya Sen, and Kirsty Walker), at the Center for History and Economics, Harvard University (Cambridge MA)

October 2-4    Burma/Myanmar Research Forum on “Borders, Bounds, and Brinks,” at Cornell University (Ithaca NY)

September 5, “Of Butchers and Courtesans: Shame and Dignity in Colonial Korea,” at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting (San Francisco CA) for “Commercial Sex, Comparatively”

March 28, “Empire’s Penal Turn: Opium Prohibition in Mainland Southeast Asia, 1870-1935.” at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference (Chicago IL) for “Frontier Politics in Transnational Asia”


November 7, “What Are We Comparing?”  (with Jean Lachapelle) at the Social Science History Association Annual Conference (Toronto ON) on “Vision and Method in Global Historical Sociology”

May 7, “The King Who Could Not Die.” “Presentation at University of Chicago (Chicago IL), Comparative Politics Workshop.

May 4, “The Strange Politics of Opium Prohibition: Consumer Registration in British Burma and its Comparative Politics.” Presentation at Cornell University (Ithaca NY), 2nd Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asia Research Group.

March 28, “The Periphery’s Order.” Presentation at Princeton University (Princeton NJ), PRIIS Symposium for “Empire and the Social Sciences.”


November 22, “Empire’s Penal Turn: The Rise of Opium Prohibition in Mainland Southeast Asia, 1870-1935.” in Chicago IL, at Social Science History Association Annual Meeting. Panel on Theory and Practice of Empire and Colonialism: A Comparative Investigation”

October 19, “Standoffish States: Nonliterate Leviathans in Southeast Asia.” (with Dan Slater) at Université de Montréal, Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies Conference on “Multiple Encounters, Shifting Spaces

September 28, “The King Who Could Not Die.” at Princeton University, History Project Conference on “Commerce, Corporations, and the Law

April 26, “Standoffish States: Nonliterate Leviathans in Southeast Asia.” (with Dan Slater) at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Conference on “Conflict, Legitimacy, and Authoritarian Rule

January 29, “The Comparative Politics of Opium Smuggling: British Burma, French Laos, and Siam in 1935.” at University of Chicago, International History Workshop