Scheduled Talks, Spring 2023

  • Global History Colloquium, Free University of Berlin, February 2023
  • International and Global History Seminar, Harvard University, March 2023
  • Research Symposium on “New Identity Politics of Korea,” University of Missouri, April 2023
  • Keynote, Justice in Southeast Asia Lab, University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 2023

Past Talks, 2021-2022

  • American Political Science Association, Annual Conference, September 2022
  • Comparative Politics Colloquium, University of Wisconsin-Madison, October 2022
  • Business History Seminar, Harvard Business School, November 2022
  • Political Violence in Comparative Perspective Workshop, Yale University, November 2022
  • Comparative Politics Workshop, University of Chicago, February 2022
  • International Relations Colloquium, Princeton University, February 2022
  • School of Historical Studies Seminar, Institute for Advanced Studies, January 2022
  • History and Economics Seminar, Harvard University and University of Cambridge, January 2022
  • Author-Meets-Critics Panel. Social Science History Association Annual Conference, November 2021
  • Global and International History Workshop, Yale University, October 2021